“Make your body feel good so that your Soul wants to remain there” - Indian proverb.

" The inner smile » means to create a positive intention, full of LIFE and of HAPPINESS.

The harmony of your organs depends on the energy and the balance of your body. The great Masters of Chinese tradition were convinced of it : visiting each one of your organs by thought while you transmit to them the soft energy of your smile, helps you to keep them in good health and to eliminate negative emotions which can disturb them.

" Smiling at your organs" is a simple and very effective, thousand-year-old practice, aimed at accelerating an inner transformation and increasing the quality of our energy (see “small daily exercises »).

To relax and harmonize your body, your permanent inner smile, the smile with yourself ensures health, happiness and longevity. Try it, you will be astonished by the result !

“Let us take time to be silent. Silence ends any confusion and renews our strengths.”Dadi Janki = MEETING WITH ONESELF by the INNER SMILE

The natural state IS health and wellbeing. By trying to find your connection with your Vital Energy, your deep SELF, you are automatically driven to finding your wellbeing and regaining your vitality. “Healthy body, healthy mind” means to find health thanks to your body/spirit interactions. SMILING IS A PRAYER FOR EACH CELL. Then let yourself smile at the Cells of your Body in order to be guided by the healthy intelligence of the SENSES !

“If we have not found internally what we seek outside, we shall pass nearby without seeing it, because the outside world is only a reflection of our inner world. Whether it is beauty, love, wisdom, it is useless to seek them on the outside if we have not begun discovering them on the inside.” –Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

THE SMILE CHEMISTRY : SMILING transforms both our emotional and physiological chemistry. Smiling feeds your Wellbeing : yes, smiling is contagious and it has the capacity to cheer us up, to renew our energies and sometimes to cure by reconnecting you to what you really are. Therefore, let us smile more because by behaving in a more optimistic and pleasant way, you become a happier person !

Research in psychology and sciences of the behaviour show very clearly that Smiling and Laughing reinforce your Wellbeing, reduce anxiety and stress and also enable you to better manage good and bad situations.

In an even more interesting way, Research has demonstrated that facial expressions can influence our emotions. For example, the act of smiling can make you happier, (even if this smile results from our will and not from the circumstances !). Other studies also confirmed that “facial changes” involved in Smiling have direct effects on certain activities of the brain associated with Happiness.


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