Even if you cannot change the Universe, there is at least one thing you can improve, it is YOURSELF. You have the power to glorify, to multiply the facets of your Life, to fill your Life with beautiful, interesting, meaningful things. It is up to you to DECIDE.

“Living is so sensational that little time remains to do other things.” Emily Dickinson

The smile is a part of your LIFE, it warms us up, cheers us up and makes our Heart "flower" for a brief moment. It has unsuspected effects.

The magical secret of Life is simply to love it. There is nothing else to love, anyway, as you have probably noticed !

“Take time to stop yourself, to look around and to listen so that you lose nothing and so that you are able to appreciate everything.” Eileen Caddy

Smile at your Heart and let the Peace and Happiness reflect on your face.
May smiles inspire you and bring you all the enjoyment necessary for your LIFE, as soon as you will cross them. Smiles are the languages of the Heart


A SMILE IS THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE OF KINDNESS. When we smile at Life, it smiles back to you. Then let us SAY YES TO LIFE because when you smile at it, YOU CELEBRATE ITS STRENGTH !

You have all realised it, smiling is contagious and it has fabulous powers ! Even on a sad and rainy day, one of these days when we have our head full of concerns and problems, if a stranger just smiles at us in the street, then happiness and a good mood comes back at full speed !

It makes me think of Buddha : by reaching the Awakening and the ultimate and universal compassion, he could only smile ; indeed, the state of bouddheity is a supreme happiness !

“Let us train ourselves to smile at Others and to discover this blooming of lips and heart in our practice. In Japan, to show a beautiful face is meaningful, because our face does not belong to us, since it is others who see it and who can be delighted at our smile. For a happier society, let us be happy in the heart and let us let this peace and this happiness show through on our face. Let us let « flourish » our face, by taking after on Buddha”. Alain Delaporte-Digard

TO SMILE AT LIFE is a natural state as long as you allow it to be so and as long as you let it express itself.
" A word said with kindness engenders trust. A thought expressed with kindness engenders depth. An act of kindness engenders LOVE." Lao Tseu


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